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I am a clay illustrator. Like most of us, I started playing around with clay at a very young age. Unlike most of us, I continued my practice right through my childhood and into adulthood. Nowadays I view my lumps of clay with the same wide-eyed, open-ended imagination that I did as a child, but now I take it to a level of refinement and expression, achievable only through thousands of hours of practice and a true love for my art. And now I hardly ever eat the clay.

Puma • Disney • Washington Post • Google • Mercedes • Stern • DB mobil • L’Officiel Hommes • De Volkskrant • Geolino • Lecker • Inlingua • Blonde • Eltern • Educational Insights • Glamour

ADC Merrit Award 2007
RedDot Junior Award 2009
DDC Future Award 2010
Illustrative Shortlist 2010
DDC Future Award 2010
ADC Junior Award 2011
RedDot Junior Award 2011
ADC Award 2015
Award of execellence 2017
Applied Arts Award 2017

With an attention to detail I sculpt every piece with modelling clay. I love to built something with my hands and bring my ideas to life. What interests me most about working with plasticine is the way you can create something from a kid’s toy and that I am able to transform what I have in my mind into a real object. 

Most of my work starts with a detailed coloured sketch. I sketch so that the client can fully imagine how the illustration will look in the end. In this step I can easily make changes, ‚until the client smiles all over his face‘. 

Then I start with the modelling work. I create every piece by hand and take photos of it. I isolate the pieces and put them together to create the final illustration. A little bit of digital adjustment now and before you know it the client’s ready to jump into my arms in happiness. 

Many clients are concerned about their timings and how long a clay illustration would take. It‘s normally not much different from usual illustrations. Depending on effort and my schedule I already made illustrations from 2 days until 3 weeks. Just ask!